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The main upland areas inland are a series of granitic intrusions that form distinctive moorlands . A geologically recent rise of sea level resulted in the drowned river valleys, or rias, of southern Cornwall, including the Tamar, Fowey, and Fal estuaries. The effect of the rias, combined with the variety of rocks, is an attractive coastal landscape that is subject to increasing pressures by the demands of recreation and tourism.

Its coastline is characterised by steep cliffs and, to the south, several rias, including those at the mouths of the rivers Fal and Fowey. It includes the southernmost point on Great Britain, Lizard Point, and forms a large part of the Cornwall Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. The AONB also includes Bodmin Moor, an upland outcrop of the Cornubian batholith granite formation. The county contains many short rivers; the longest is the Tamar, which forms the border with Devon. The county is rural, with an area of 3,562 square kilometres and population of 568,210.

Cornish piracy was active during the Elizabethan era on the west coast of Britain. Cornwall Media is well known for its wreckers who preyed on ships passing Cornwall’s rocky coastline. During the 17th and 18th centuries Cornwall was a major smuggling area. The Battle of Deorham in 577 saw the separation of Dumnonia from Wales, following which the Dumnonii often came into conflict with the expanding English kingdom of Wessex.

Try stand-up paddleboarding at Polkerris Beach or Falmouth’s beloved Gylly Beach instead. Get to the heart of Cornwall with one of our in-depth, award-winning guidebooks, covering maps, itineraries, and expert guidance. A masterpiece in the making, filled with beaches, clifftops, cities and nature. Brace the cooling weather for a wintery walk across Cornwall’s beaches.

Family friendly and accessible experiences are also available year round. Cornwall has been consistently voted one of Britain’s top tourist destinations. As the official tourist board, it is Visit Cornwall’s mission to build on this success and seize every opportunity to continue to make Cornwall a quality destination of choice. If you are bringing a coach to Cornwall, did you know Cornwall Council now offers a weekly coach rover ticket. This is available for all car parks where coaches are permitted and costs £15 for 24 hours or £50 for 7 days and £35 for 4 days. These can be obtained by creating an account to use the ZatPermit system.

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