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I purchased this piano because I needed something I could practice on that had 88 keys and was compact.This piano is perfect.This is a very good purchase for a first piano or portable practice piano,that also comes with a pedal and bag. Well packed arrived safely and works as advertised. Methoneme/Record/Sustain/Drum kit/Tempo+-/Transpose+-/Chord/OKON and etc.The rich features make you immersed in the world of music.Also, 128 Rhythms, 128 tones and 20 demos makes playing more fascinating.

This piano lacks a digital readout, but adjusting sounds and other functions is still easy enough. In piano lingo, action describes the way the piano keys feel when you press them. With a digital piano, the closer the action is to that of an acoustic piano, the better. Semi-weighted action uses a spring to create the resistance you feel when pressing a key and its rebound when you lift your finger. Hammer action uses a hammer mechanism like that found in an acoustic piano to replicate the feel.

Like the Casio, it can run on six batteries, but in this case they’re D batteries, which add a bit of weight to the keyboard. Alesis offers no companion app for the Recital Pro. These improvements are due to the fact that Roland uses the same action (the PHA-4 Standard) and piano sound engine in the FP-10 that it uses in its more expensive FP-30.

Beyond that, some amount of weighted key action (either semi-weighted or hammer action; more on this in a moment) and an accurate piano sound are the primary deciding factors for our picks. An included stand and sustain pedal are nice but not requirements, as third-party options are readily available and inexpensive. At GLARRY, customer satisfaction is always our number one priority. Our aim is to provide every person with an enjoyable music making experience by delivering quality music products and services at competitive prices in an inspiring retail environment. A decent piano/keyboard with some useful features, presets etc., If I could change one thing about it would be to add a numeric keypad for entering presets oppose to scrolling through them. It’s solid, large, feels good, has some weight, the sustain pedal is cheaply made (didn’t work actually, settled for a partial refund, no biggie).

Its perfect combination of quality and simplicity makes it an ideal choice for players of all ages and experience levels. The sound quality is better than I think but of course it cannot be compared with other famous brand. The price is affordable and also this is heavy-weighted keys so it is good for ones who want to pratice your fingers power. The Glarry GDP-103 digital piano features a streamlined, user-friendly design that’s focused on performance and classic visual appeal. I only gave it 4 stars because of the music stand.

The more expensive options can definitely be a better representation of an acoustic piano , but they are far from necessary for a beginner and better suited as an upgrade many years down the line. These digital keyboards are perfect for any student, of any age, who is interested in learning how to play piano. They are inexpensive , they have built-in speakers so an extra amplifier isn’t necessary, and they include multiple piano sounds. These keyboards are relatively light—all our picks weigh under 30 pounds—so it’s possible for one person to carry the piano when necessary. My 38-year musical journey began the first time I sat down at my cousin’s piano.

For a real professional full acoustic piano sound you will need drop closer to $1,000, but this is a good starter for the price. Fully weighted keys make it feel like a real piano. And it’s a wood cover, not plastic, which is even more elegant. It’s either, I’m doing it wrong, or it’s just like this.

The scaled hammer action on the CDP-S150 is a change from what we saw on our previous Casio top pick, the discontinued Privia PX-160. So there’s a bit less nuance than was available with the Privia line, but beginners likely wouldn’t even notice this. A duet function allows the CDP-S150 to split into two sides so that a student and teacher can sit at the keyboard together, with each side covering the same range of notes. You can return to the grand piano sound with a single press of the function button, and the keyboard also has a dedicated button for starting and stopping the record feature. The volume dial feels firm and moves smoothly, with no chance of your changing the volume unintentionally. There’s also a metronome that lets you adjust the tempo up and down, or you can set a specific tempo between 20 and 255 beats per minute by holding the function button and pressing the keys assigned 0 to 9.

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