Rhodes Map + Rhodes Destinations Guide

As well as our 25+ picks for Rhodes Old Town, you’ll also find our Rhodes Old Town Map listing yet more options. It’s easy to use on any device so you can navigate to all the most important points of interest while you are walking in rhodos stadt sehenswürdigkeiten karte. Walk into one of Rhode’s shady inland valleys and explore. From Late July to late September, millions of butterflies spread color through the valley.

It is considered the largest and best-preserved fortified city in Europe. You will see spread around the town buildings from the Hellenistic, Ottoman, Byzantine, and Italian periods. Around 300 steps lead to this tiny Byzantine-era monastery perched on a hill overlooking the sea. The Palace of the Grand Master of the Knights of Rhodes is a palace in the town of Rhodes, on the island of Rhodes in Greece. click here rhodesoldtown.gr to know about rhodes map.

The island’s international airport is located 16 km Southwest of Rhodes city. If you only have 1 day in Rhodes, you will have enough time to discover the island’s must-see attraction, the Medieval City of Rhodes. The entrance ticket costs 5€ between June and September and 2€ the rest of the year when there are no butterflies. It’s still a great place to take a stroll and enjoy a beautiful natural environment. It’s located in the North of the island, 26 km from Rhodes city, between the villages of Paradisi and Theologos.

By day, visitors laze under colorful striped umbrellas on the beach; by night, they find entertainment under brightly colored neon lights. From shopping to bungee jumping, Faliraki beach has it all. Faliraki also is home to the largest water park in Europe where visitors can do down a variety of slides; the park has a special section for children. Visitors can enjoy themselves under safe conditions since Faliraki beach has 12 Blue Flags from the Foundation for Environmental Education with its strict safety standards. Explore the ancient capital at your own pace on a fun hop-on hop-off bus tour. If you want to keep your day flexible, this is one of the most enjoyable things to do in Rhodes.

I just stayed for three days, so I saw only the town, which I found amazing. I love towns with strange architecture, so Rhodes Town was the perfect place for me. The Medieval Castles, the Old Town, the cozy cafeterias in narrow streets, the Street of the Knights… People there were also great, especially the tavern owners who really smiled at you, not because they expected your money.

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