Different Types of Drawer Nightstands to Choose From

Drawer nightstands, instead of a table or night stand, is a low table or desk, usually just a bedside table or night stand, designed to stand next to a bed or somewhere in a bedroom. Modern drawer nightstands are often very small night stands, usually no more than an inch thick and with one or two drawers and not usually with a large drawer door and shelves or doors. Many drawer nightstands will also have some type of shelf along one wall for storage purposes. They usually also have a pull out drawer in the front which can be used to store extra bed linens or boxes and can be pulled out for use on the bed.

One of the most common styles of drawer nightstand is made of metal with a flat drawer front panel and often includes a cabinet type drawer behind it for storage. They are usually about one and a half feet tall and can be found in black, oak, cherry and many other woods. They tend to be very simple and functional with metal surfaces and simple tops, with some having a raised lip on the front of the drawer to hold small accessories such as pillows or comforters. Some have glass drawer fronts or frosted glass tops with stainless steel backing. They also will come in many different sizes with shelves, small drawers, bookshelves and even slots for shoe boxes and other small items.

There are also hinged drawer nightstands that allow you to pull the drawer out from the front to access the items stored inside. The hinged drawer nightstand is usually about one foot wide and has one or more drawers at each end. These types of drawer nightstands usually also have a shelf style behind them. Some are made of metal and have some type of decoration on them. Some are made entirely of wood, but there are many variations of drawer nightstands that you can choose from, including those that have leather or metal furniture along with the standard wooden hinged drawer nightstand. Let us know more information about Outstanding drawer nightstand of your furniture

One popular style of drawer nightstand is the one that looks like a shelf that attaches to the side of a drawer. It may have a drawer that is actually an opening for a shelf, and it will allow you to keep items that are not easily accessible on the top of the drawer. These types of drawer nightstands will usually sit up about four inches from the bottom of the drawer. They are available in many different styles and finishes and some have a drawer located at the bottom so that the items on the drawer can be accessed easier. This type of drawer nightstand is functional but doesn’t have the decorative touches that other styles do.

There are also drawer nightstands that are designed as a piece of art. The drawer of the drawers on the bottom will slide out when you open a drawer and the stand on the drawer sit flush against the drawer’s underside. These types of drawer nightstands can be designed so that the drawer is actually an “Orientation Holder” so that items are side by side. Some of these holders will hold an item at a specific angle, so that you can view the item or have the item placed in its proper place. If this type of drawer nightstand is installed in a master bathroom adjacent to a window, it can add a decorative touch.

There are also some drawer nightstands that are made from mirrors. These types of drawer nightstands can look very sleek and fit well into a room that has a very modern design. You can find these types of drawer nightstands in almost any finish. You can find them in chrome, nickel, satin nickel or silver. Whatever your decor may be, you will likely be able to find a drawer nightstand that will enhance it.

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