Is Online Video Games Good For Your Kids?

Online video games refer to computer games that can be played by the player over the Internet or on any computer network accessible over the Internet. Video games are generally played by the players themselves and may not have any relation to reality whatsoever. Online games can either be text-based or pictorial. There is also the multiplayer online game, which can include computerized teams playing against each other. You can get more information about

It is estimated that more than thirteen million Americans have spent time playing online video games. The majority of these boys and girls are in their teens and spend many hours of quiet time each day playing these games. There is some evidence that suggests that boys spend more time on computer networks than girls. The boys tend to be more aggressive and the girls are more cooperative.

It is believed that by playing online video games helps the kids develop better social skills. The kids spend more time interacting with friends and this interaction helps them in honing their social skills. By playing online video games kids learn how to work as a team and how to work as individuals.

Another group of people who can gain from playing online video games are teenagers who want to make in-app purchases. They can use the time they spend playing to get better grades in school and prepare for a future career. Many schools have policies that prohibit students from making in-app purchases while they are supposed to be playing games. The practice has prompted many parents to install no-payout-of-money buttons that prevent the kids from engaging in these activities.

Concerns about the influence of spending time on video gaming systems in the child’s brain have been raised by several researchers over the years. Researchers have noted that children who play computer games tend to be excessively excited about winning the game and thus are not able to refrain from in-app purchases. In fact, these children spend a lot of money on purchasing winning cards and such. With excessive money spent on in-app purchases, it is not surprising that these children tend to exhibit unhealthy buying behaviors when they are older. When teens spend too much money on in-app purchases, they tend to engage in money laundering, including theft. With all the cash that goes into the online video gaming industry, it is not surprising that concerns about the influence of spending time on video gaming systems on children have been raised by various researchers over the years.

With all this going on, it is not surprising that parents who are worried about the influence of time on kids tend to be concerned about the influence of spending time on online video games. Studies have shown that kids who play multiplayer online video games tend to be lonely, which can negatively affect their social skills. Other studies have shown that kids who play multiplayer online video games tend to become anti-social because they are constantly worried about their performance in the game. Finally, other research has shown that kids who play multiplayer online video games tend to develop poor attention spans. Thus, it can be concluded that, to the greatest extent possible, playing online video games should be encouraged to help improve kids’ social skills.

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